The band originally started out as Soft White Underbelly in 60's, and then Stalk Forrest Group, before settling on the name Blue Oyster Cult. They released their first album in 1972, but it wasn't until their fourth studio album 'Agents of Fortune', that they hit it big worldwide, through the single 'Don't Fear The Reaper' in 1976. The band developed a laser show for their tours at this point, which became more & more advanced on each tour, although concerns over safety lead to these being dropped by 1980. The band continued recording albums into the eighties, but the departure of drummer Albert Bouchard in 1981 & keyboardist Alan Lanier in 1985 meant the long standing line-up was finally breaking up. Further line-up changes have occured since then, but the band have continued touring & released their first album for over 10 years in 1999.

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Photos from 1978 UK tour

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