Gary Holton from the 'Kitsch' sleeve

HMK at the Roundhouse, London 1976

Gary in a typical pose

The Heavy Metal Kids were formed in 1973 & with the line-up of Gary Holton, Keith Boyce, Ronny Thomas, Danny Peyronel (later to join UFO) & Micky Waller. The band's brand of good-time rock was never really heavy metal, and they even shortened their name to The Kids for their second album 'Anvil Chorus'.

Lack of commercial success lead them to change to the RAK label for the final album 'Kitsch' in 1977. However, Gary Holton's over-the-top perfomances lead to frictions in the band - by the time 'Kitsch' was released, the band had already split. Despite rumours that Gary would join either Boxer or Uriah Heep, neither came to anything, and he moved onto a career in TV acting. He almost became a household name when he got a role in the TV series 'Auf Wiedersen Pet', but this was cut short when he died in 1985, victim of heroin addiction. 

HMK reformed in 2003, with Danny Peyronel taking over on vocals. He has since been replaced with TV actor John Altman; other changes mean former HMK guitarist Cosmo returns to the line up.

View photos from the Marquee, New Years Eve, 1975 & 1976

HMK ticket Nov 2010


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Danny Peyronel has his own Myspace page here, he has solo album out now.
A new Heavy Metals Kids album 'Hit the Right Button' was released in 2003: another is due out in 2010
check out the official HMK web-site for more details.


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