Be-Bop Deluxe was the brainchild of talented singer/songwriter Bill Nelson. Formed in 1972, it wasn't until 1974 that they released their first album, Axe Victim, with it's distinctive 'skull guitar' cover. After a successful tour with the up-and-coming Cockney Rebel, Bill Nelson completely revamped the band, settling on the new line-up of New Zealander Charlie Tumahai (bass), Simon Fox (drums) and Andrew Clark (keyboards).

The band's reputation for melodic rock augmented by Bill Nelson's distinctive guitar playing, soon gained them many fans right up to their break-up in 1978. Bill Nelson went on to form Red Noise, but they only lasted long enough to release one album, 'Sound on Sound'. Since then, he has continued as a solo artist & producer.

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Hammersmith Odeon 1976 Hammersmith Odeon 1977 Hammersmith Odeon 1978

Bloomsbury Theatre 2004

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