were formed in Southend, England in 1975, releasing their first single in 1976. The band's name came from 'Eddie', the dummy they used 'attack' on stage in their early days. The band's high octane r'n'b sound gained them some kudos with the emerging punk scene, although by then the band were already breaking attendence records London's Marquee Club, aptly showcased on their 'Live at the Marquee' EP. The band had a fair amount of chart success with subsequent singles & albums throughout the remainder of the seventies.

However, in 1980, the band lost guitarist Graeme Douglas and then bassist Paul Gray, and were never the same again. In 1981 the band split up, reforming briefly in 1985 & 86 with different line-ups. After 2 reunion tours in 1990 & 1992 the band reformed again, and despite various line-up changes, are still touring now.

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