Starting life as Stans' Blues Band, the band changed it's name to Nine Below Zero (after a Muddy Waters song) in 1979. The group gained a reputation for playing high-energy versions of blues standards, and in 1980 released their debut album, 'Live at the Marquee' which perfectly captured the band's live act. The 1st studio album 'Don't Point the Finger' released in 1981, included more songs written by the band, and they even promoted it with a gig at the Virgin Megastore in London! However, the departure of bassist Pete Clark, followed by problems with the recording of the band's third album eventually lead to the band splitting up, with guitarist Dennis Greaves forming 'The Truth, and harmonica player Mark Feltham playing in Rory Gallagher's band.

In 1990, the band re-formed for a 10th anniversary gig, with ex-Rory Gallagher members Gerry McAvoy and Brendan O'Neill joining Mark & Dennis. They have since recorded several albums, are still gigging.


Nine Below Zero at the Hermit Club, Brentwood, Essex, 1998

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