Hammersmith Odeon 1976

Ted Nugent first made his name with the Amboy Dukes from 1964-74, often engaging in guitar 'duels' with the likes of MC5's Wayne Kramer. The group had a hit with the single, 'Journey to the Center of Your Mind', but Ted's real commercial success started when he launched a solo career in 1975. His second solo album 'Free For All' established him as an loud brash hard-rock act with big-selling tours of Europe & the States. More albums followed, including the barnstorming live album 'Double Live Gonzo' in 1978.

In more recent times, Ted teamed up Styx's Tommy Shaw to form Damn Yankees, and re-joined with former sideman Derek St Holmes to produce his first studio album for 7 years in 1994.




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