Wants List

This is a list of the stuff I am looking to swap my photos for:


Any live photos taken at the Marquee 1975/6

Alice Cooper

Any live photos from 1973-75. Colour scans from the programme for the UK 'Welcome to my Nightmare' tour 1975. Videos (PAL format) of live gigs from 1973-74.

Be-Bop Deluxe

Any live photos or recordings from the 'Axe Victim' line-up

Cockney Rebel

Live photos from 1973/4.
Video recordings from 'Old Grey Whistle Test'


Live photos from 1977

Alex Harvey

Any photos - especially 1980-2.
Good quality recordings of final tour 1982

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Any original photos

Heavy Metal Kids

Any live recordings from 1975-77

Hunter/Ronson Band

Photos from 1975 tour 

Mr Big (UK)

Any live recordings from 1977

Ted Nugent

Videos from 1977-79


Live recordings from 1980-81

Brian Setzer Orchestra

Live recordings 1994 - present


Photos from 1977 tour


Photos from 1975 tours


Live recordings from 1977 tour

Buddy Curtis & The Grasshoppers

Studio or live recordings from 1985

Mott The Hoople

Live photos from 1973 onwards

Videos must be good quality PAL format.

Photos should be at least standard reprint size (i.e. 6" x 4"), preferably in colour.

Last Updated on 22/07/99